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What are we looking for?


Would you like to commit KUSALA, a wholesome deed through writing or from your creativity.

We welcome submissions of ORIGINAL content including articles, stories, illustrations, arts, photography, and poetry. The following are some suggested topics we would love for you to focus on:

  • Personal growth & development journeys
  • Social impact & entrepreneurship
  • Leading change in your community
  • Volunteerism
  • Travel essay or Photo stories
  • Mindfulness practices
  • Arts, Music, Films, and Designs related to Dharma

We want to welcome this platform as your safe space. We value your voice, your thoughts, and your opinions – and we want you to be heard.

Article Guidelines

  • Aim for a blog post that is 500-1000 words. Headline should draw in traffic and generate social media sharing.
  • It’s raw, personal, and showcases who you are! Share with us a specific story from your life.
  • Offer insights and practical tips to help people overcome similar mental illness or challenges.
  • Contains an educational or emotional lesson (or takeaway) for our readers.
  • Ensure photos that are included in your article are royalty-free or of your property.
  • Include a quote at the bottom of your post, as well as a 2 sentence biography about yourself.
  • Include your social media handles (proper tagging and visibility which will be done on our end). We expect you (as our contributor) to do the same for us when posting on your social media platforms.
Address submissions and queries to hello@kusalamag.com and subject line should indicate Be a contributor – “Your name here”