[Art & Design] MING TUNG WANG

Ming Tung Wang, who grew up in Taiwan loves anything art-related. After wandering his life for 25 years, his heart was full of melancholy and pessimistic thoughts about the world till he met his guru, Master Xin Dao, tears overflows, deep within his heart it was shouting, “I am coming home! I am coming home!

Since then, he took refuge and immerse in Buddhism practices. In the process, after repenting and purifying himself, his heart gradually revealed a light, like the sun. He felt that in this present life, being able to live with inner joy is the blessing of the Buddhist teachings. He hope that one day, he can become the seed, spreading the joy of life, so that everyone who meets with him can be fully awaken by the Dharma and personally experience the mystery of the universe!

Translated originally from the below chinese text:


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