[Music] The Right Regrets

The Wealthy West’s album, The Right Regrets is a humble reckoning. It provokes us in searching life’s deeper meanings with a warm blanket of honesty heartfelt folk rock.

Brandon Kinder (aka The Wealthy West)


What does our existence amount to? What do we have to show for ourselves, at the end of our days? Where has the time gone, and where are we going? Are we on the right path, and is it too late to change course? How does one live under the shadow of death? Singer/songwriter Brandon Kinder (aka The Wealthy West) dives into the depths of life, unearthing his own humanity and exposing all of its vulnerability in a thought-provoking, vibrant set of songs. It reminded me why the Buddha left the palace to pursue his own enlightenment. The album left us with a lot of questions for our own reckoning.

I am sure many people will relate to a lot from this album. And, even if you do not, there is always something beautiful about looking at life through someone else’s thoughts.

Listen: https://open.spotify.com/album/4wLiwMjI5cFYLDSLJkG1Hv